Thursday, 31 March 2011

Absolutely gutted


After a long year going to and fro to St Georges for various assessments with the intention of having a Gastric Bypass op to help me lose weight - I have today had funding turned down by Merton & Sutton PCT. Not much more to say than the title of this post. I can't stop crying and really don't know what to do for the best. I know I have to fight this decision, but at the moment I don't think I have the strength. I won't give up - because that's the kind of person I am - but the wind has been taken out of my sails for today. Really wish the gym had a punch bag - cos i'd be straight down there after work to give it a damn good beating!

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It's been a long time.....


however - with only 2 months to go to the next big one I thought it was really time to update!

I've signed up to do the Moonwalk London Half Marathon on th 14th May this year - I felt I needed a target to aim for - but am now wondering if i've bitten of a little bit more than I can chew!! So in the beginning of February I took the plunge and joined the local gym. Hubby has been fantastic at kicking me out of bed early in a morning to be at the gym doors ready for opening time at 6.30 - or kicking me out of the house in the late evening - to make sure I do at least 2 or 3 visits a week!

The first time I went nearly killed me - I was given a full induction, shown how to use the various machines, and then proceeded to give me a plan of action for what I should be doing each time I visit. I tried to follow it the next time I went and gave up on his ideas very quickly. Got totally fed up of my bum slipping off the bike seat every 30 seconds and having to reposition all the time. SO the bike went out the window! As for the cross trainer - whoever invented them needs to be shot - how the hell are you meant to know wether you're going backwards or forwards on the darn thing? So that's another one out of the window! Not doing too well here!

And then I discovered the Tread mill. I love this thing!!! Totally ignored the guys suggestion of a ten minute warm up on that, and just did 5 mins. Then off I staggered towards some of the weight machines. To my utter surprise - I really enjoy doing the machines. So, I followed his suggestions - and did 3 different upper body machines. All felt good! Thought to myself that I really need to push this cardio stuff - so toddled back to the tread mill. Managed this time to do 7.5 mins! Felt really proud of myself and somewhat energised.... a totally unknown feeling for me! So - off to the next set of machines - to work on my legs and bum. Now - these one's really aren't the most flattering machines to use - need to spread your legs with huge weights either on the outside of your thighs or inside of your thighs, and keep doing this - 3 sets of 15 on each. Think I only had about 5 kilo's on to start with - but that was fine! The last machine was one where you have to push your whole body using your legs. Another good one!

So now - a month later - I still follow pretty much the same programme as above - except the times have increased.. I still do a five minute warm up on the tread, followed by upper body machines - then 15 mins tread, leg machines - and then - 30 mins tread. The weights on the leg machines are now up to 30 kilos - and according to hubby my bum is really starting to firm up!!!

I really can't believe that i've managed to increase my stamina so much over such a short period of time. I'm still nowhere near that half marathon yet - but I do now believe that I might actually be able to finish the darn thing!!

The most amazing thing of all - is that this lazy, can't be bothered with exercise girl - is actually getting quite addicted to it and really enjoying herself! I even had a free session with a personal trainer last night - and boy did she push me to get out of my comfort zones. But you know what - it was fun even though it was hard work - and I learnt so much in just an hour! Somehow now need to find the funds to pay for some more sessions with her - having someone to push me really does work!!!

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Less than a week to go.....


Eeek - only 5 days until the Race for Life and looking forward to proving to myself that I can do it!!! Not sure how long it will take as Madison and Annice haven't exactly excelled themselves on the training - but sure we'll get there in the end!

Spent an entertaining afternoon at Epsom General with hubby yesterday - and both came away full of the joys of life! They have agreed to replace both of his hips - possibly both at the same time, but most likely the Right one first, followed by the left a couple of months later. The good news is that both should be done by Christmas!!! Hooray!

Not much else been going on!

Weight 15st 10lbs
BMI 40.3

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Monday, 24 May 2010

So where do I start?


I blame Sandra Gottacraft entirely - whilst at a cheam crop she suggested that I start a blog to keep a track on my attempts to keep fit. Well, now everyone seems to be starting blogs I figured I'd better start one too!

Annice and I have signed up to do the Cancer Research Race for Life on June 27th, and for the last month have been making concerted efforts to get out and at least get used to walking the 5K distance. We've been joined by friends Nikki and Madison, and have been walking three times a week without fail - we've even managed to jog some of the time! I think our jaw muscles are certainly very strong now though!

In addition, I finally got the Wii fit out from behind the sideboard, and stepped on it last week, to discover it was only 600 days since i'd last used it. Surprisingly, I hadn't managed to meet the 7lb target weight loss that I'd set on it last time I used it! Ooops! So - it comes out every evening now, unless we're walking of course! Annice has been doing the hula hoop exercises, whilst I've found a fondness for trying to head footballs...not sure what all that's about. Added to the Wii game collection last week when I picked up Wii Fit Plus and Active Personal Trainer.

Did my first session with the Personal Trainer thing on Saturday night - 25 minutes on the easy level. Plenty of sweat but no tears....and felt good for having done some squats, lunges, boxing and kick boxing, as well as some gentle running on the spot. Little did I know what was to come. Throughout Sunday I started to discover that I have these really odd things in my thighs - apparently they're called muscles. What started out as a gentle ache at lunch time gradually became worse throughout the day - so decided the best way to deal with it was to have another go. No running this time, some lunges and sqauts, and plenty of boxing and kick boxing. Felt OK after - not as bad as before I started. What did however suffer was the bathroom floor - I totally forgot that i'd started running Annice's bath before I got started, and then couldn't figure out why the bathroom floor resembled a swimming pool...Ooops again!

Today is a totally different matter. I struggled to pull my legs out of bed this morning, hobbled down to the station, and promptly got on the train - to discover they've changed the train timetable, and that I wasn't on the train to Victoria - but to London Bridge. Got off said train at London Bridge - hobbled to the end of the platform, and found the next train back to Victoria. Eventually got to work an hour late - however - due to the boss getting married this weekend, everyone else was also late in - and I was still the first to arrive!

Getting up and down the stairs is proving to be a problem - I look like a ninety year old - thank God for the lift, otherwise i'd just be in a heap at the bottom of the stairs right now.

I guess they do say "no pain no gain" so I'll just have to go home this evening and have another go!

Current Stats

Weight 16st 2lbs
BMI 41.1

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